Affable and Balanced = Cordial Canines - Affable and Balanced = Cordial Canine
                                               Welcome !! 

   I am the founder of Cordial Canines, based in Lincolnshire.

  I have been involved with the training  of dogs, and the study of their behaviour since the mid 1970's, when as a young teenager I took a misbehaving Great Dane to Obedience Classes .

  This whetted my appetite to learn and discover what makes a dog do the things it does, and how to overcome problematic behaviour, and in doing so, allow the dog to become mentally balanced, and physically fulfilled.

  My interest continued, and was maintained throughout  my working life, and I have been  involved in the training of general patrol dogs, and search dogs within the Military, and Police Service in a professional capacity, as well as having incorporated  into my social life, competing in and training for, Working Dog Trials, and assisting with the training of Search & Rescue Dogs , as well as at  obedience classes of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

  Throughout these years of working with, and observing dogs, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, and have benefitted greatly from learning about how to keep a dog happy, and satisfied, as well as discovering how to address problematic behaviour.

   In recent times, I have both witnessed, and had requests to help,  many people who were  having major issues with their dogs, that could have been sorted had they been addressed in the right way, particularly at an early stage of the dog's development, that it has prompted me to begin Cordial Canines, in the hope that we can help people who are having problems, wish to address a behaviour that they can see is potentially going to be a problem, or even just to ensure that  their  dog receives the best possible introduction  to basic obedience, so that they can actually do what every dog owner wants to do........... ENJOY life with their dog !!

   If that sounds like you, then we'd be delighted to hear from you and will do everything in our power to help you to achieve your aim, of having .................. a CORDIAL CANINE !!

   We look forward to hearing from you

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